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Steel, steam, iron and coal. This is the Industrial Revolution. Your task is to build the greatest empire by making the best use of your resources. The battles between old and new industries and between world powers is fought out during two distinct historical eras of the Industrial Revolution. The canal era and the rail era. In the canal era you had to come up with ideas to build railroads and canals in order to take control of a new market. In the rail era you had to think of even better ways to transport goods by rail, which was the much faster method than the canal. 1) The factory system is now functioning perfectly. In the Factory area buildings pay for themselves. 2) The new kind of mill which pays for itself and also pays for new coal mines. 3) The new mines have also added to the successful balance sheet of the merchant of the team. 4) The new mines, breweries and potteries pay for themselves. 5) The new railways pay for themselves in spite of the fact that they have not been profitable during the game. 6) The merchant has built the new textile mill because he wanted to. 7) The improvement in technology has led to the construction of the textile mill. 8) The textile mill which pays for itself and also pays for the breweries. 9) The new ironworks pay for themselves. 10) While the old Port of Birmingham has not been paid off. The new one is already paying for itself. 11) The new ironworks and the new coal mine pay for themselves. 12) The new railway and the new canal pay for themselves. 13) Every building costs 10 capital. During the game the new coal mines and the mills have already paid for themselves. 14) The new bank that has developed could be exploited. 15) The team has been paying interest on the old bank. 16) The team earned 4 new canal mills and 2 new railways. 17) Although the old Port of Birmingham has not been paid off, the new Port of Birmingham will pay for itself in the future. 18) The team now earns much more money than the other teams. 19) The team now earns much more than the other teams. 20) The team has decided to build a new railway. 21) Every new railway costs 200 capital. The railway network has developed considerably. 22) The new Port of Birmingham is already


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I did like the maze part in the game, and the multiple enemy types. I didn’t care for the AI though, it’s almost unplayable. I’ve tried several times and the line of sight passes too close to the forces so the AI drones get destroyed, or fights to destroy on their own. Also, the game hardly ever saves. I am a first time user of the board, so I understand that it’s a new feature. But when you got the tower ship and the arena ship they move, and if you do run into another ship in a hallway the battle is pretty much over, or you die by the enemy, without an easy save button. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Also, did I have to register for the site, or is it free to use? GAMEPLAY: Warrior Commander AI is to be as close to real life AI as possible. It’s dependance on AI capability shall be based on the forum feature of player simulation. GAMEPLAY VIDEO (3mins) GAMEPLAY IN A GIF (4min) GAMEPLAY INTERFACE (1min) GAMEPLAY It’s a simple battle Gameplay where you get to command more than 1 ship. EDIT: The battle isn’t too demanding and with a minor redesign of the GameInterface and some AI bug fixes it’s fun to play and can be played in a very short time. I wish to play/test the gameplay the most and there are/will be bugs because I work with web development and don’t have C# dev. PROBLEM: The current battle engine is very basic and can be improved/fixed up. SOLUTION: Improvement over this engine will be focusing more on experience & user friendliness with gameplay and programming features. I’ve planned to make a Game interface Video shortly so I can show/explain/answer any questions. QUESTIONS (please ask) Does it play? What’s the AI like? Who’s the creator? Can it be made better? So far I have a plan in mind to make it better and the knowledge and tools I have are lacking. I think that this is a really cool idea and I really like the “gameplay” it’s very similar to “Galactic Life: Kerbal Space Program” It


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