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Xentripetal Force Features Key:

  • Classic but re-designed warriors! New simple units, enhanced combat experience!
  • New themes, costumes, and items! New backgrounds. Big changes, upgrades.
  • New advanced techniques that will expand the depth of the game.
  • Unlock lots of new characters and weapons! The old ones are also updated, and all have a higher price.


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David’s Custom Costume now has 3 Different Costumes. For David’s Costume to be achieved, The following conditions must be fulfilled: Unlock all DLCs in the David’s Costume (You can unlock all DLCs for that Costume through in-game menu) Break all 4 cups of coffee Unlock all 4 bottles of tequila in the Swery’s Choice Costume. Download file will be installed on your harddrive after purchase. Game “D4: SWERY’s Choice Costume Full Unlock Key” Gameplay: The Swery’s Choice Costume Set has 4 costumes. For Swery’s Choice Costume to be achieved, the following conditions must be fulfilled: Unlock all DLCs in the Swery’s Choice Costume Unlock all available Random Ticket(s) (You can unlock all Random Ticket(s) through in-game menu) Unlock all Beer(s) Break all 4 Cups of coffee Unlock all 4 Bottles of Tequila in the Swery’s Choice Costume. Download file will be installed on your harddrive after purchase. Also, I will give my full support for the developers (Konami) for providing us this DLC and will support the DLC(s) in any way I can. How to use this file: 1. Make sure the Crash/Network error are fixed. 2. Make sure you have the latest version of KBMOD. 3. Make sure you use the right program (like nVidia photoshop, LightWave3D or Houdini). 4. Extract the contents in to the folder “KBMOD\MODDL” Notes: 1. The DLC name in the Screenshot is a placeholder for the DLC name. 2. If the file has spelling error, name the DLC something like KBR – D4 -13 xbox360 | 04-26-2014 3. If the file corrupts, rename the file to this name – “KBR-D4-13-xbox360-04-26-2014-fix.r8” or “KBR-D4-13-xbox360-fix.r8” 5. If the file cannot be read at all, rename it to this name – “KBR-D4-13-xbox360-fix.r8” 6. All DLCs are saved on the server. So you need to have internet access to download the DLC


What’s new in Xentripetal Force:

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