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A: This is the case if you started a new project and forgot to activate your license for the old versions. You can do it using project -> open project… -> activate license key… A: If you already have a project open on a previous version of Torq, but don’t have a license key, you’ll need to close that project first. When you open a new project with a license, you’ll be prompted to update the current version to the most recent version. To close the current project, open the Products tab in the project. You can either right-click the product and select ‘Close’, or select ‘Close’ from the context menu on the product. A: You could also go into the image tab and just press “Remove” on the right. Bachar Natkho Bachar Natkho is a Russian band, winner of the award The name means to “Best” in Russian and is a homage to the award-winning Russian band. Bachar Natkho started in 2009, its members are Dmitry Vorontsov, Vadim Abramov, Sergey Chernyavsky and Andrey Shur. All members of the band are well-known in the Russian underground rap scene, especially in Stereo Emotion and Apteka’s online radio stations. The group is famous for its theatrical visual shows in which Bachar Natkho perform different kinds of sketch comedies and parodies of famous movies and songs. The group has also collaborated with Russian hip hop artists and rappers such as Makhaev, Scythian, Blackjack, Nekrosis, Metropolis and Junior Mafia. Awards 2013 The band won the award “Best East-West Band” at the festival Les Folies Sentimentales, held in Warsaw. 2012 In April 2012, Bachar Natkho has been nominated for the Grammy Awards in a category “Best performance by a rap/hip-hop group or duo” 2011 In March 2011, Bachar Natkho has won the award “band of the year” at the festival “Sound Day” held in Nizhny Novgorod 2010 In November 2010, Bachar Natkho has received “Best hip-hop band” award at the festival “Sound Party”, held in St Petersburg Songs Awards and nominations References 0cc13bf012

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