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Speedy Organizer is a comprehensive and reliable software that helps you to easily manage and organize multiple files and folders in the same manner without exception,  regardless of who is filling them. You can import files from within application from a scanner or from your system. This way, you have the possibility to organize, secure and share all your business documents with your employees, clients and suppliers.







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– Import documents: direct from your phone, SD card or camera. – Custom folders to save your files: create, edit and manage your folders. – Drag and drop to manage files: drag files and folders within the program. – Fixed, large image viewer: view any image in the program. – Attachments for documents: choose between converting emails, PDFs, Office documents and more to attach to your files. – E-Mail archiving: with Speedy Organizer you can migrate your old Outlook emails to your new account. This way, you keep your old emails from your previous accounts. – Sync with Google Docs, Google Drive and other online storage providers: this way you can transfer files back and forth between your cloud services. – Auto import contacts from all your accounts into the program: use the integrated Email Address Collector. – Export your file to Microsoft Word for accurate OCR and text analysis or directly to PDF/Word. – Backup of your files: you can get a unique copy of all your files and folders in case of losing your device or it breaks. – Sharable links to save your files: assign a custom URL to your file. This way you can directly share your files with others. – Multi-account: import documents from more than one account. – Directory sytem: create, edit, move and delete files in sub-folders and organize them. You can also attach files and folders to specific sub-folders. – Document access: give your coworkers and friends access to your files and folders directly from the program. – Protect your files: you can create different types of passwords and file permissions to protect your documents against unauthorized users. Speedy Organizer guide: – Importing your files • Download documents from your phone or SD card, the content will be converted to PDFs. • Select the documents you want to import into the program. – Custom folders • Create, edit and manage your folders. – Drag and Drop • Drag any file or folder within the program. – Exporting your files • Choose between creating your own files or selecting text from images (e.g., screenshots). • You can choose to export your files to your computer or directly to your cloud storage space. • File types • You can export all your files or only the attached files. • Importing contacts • Import contacts from your smartphone, email, email client or Google

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✓ Complex organization of files: Choose your own folder/category structure. Select the files to be imported into the folders/categories according to your needs and specifications. Select a single file for that folder/category. ✓ E-Mail the list of imported files: After every import, the imported files can be listed in the e-mail window. ✓ Import files from various sources: You can easily import files from any scanner, FTP site, e-mail, CD/DVD or even from the clipboard or system drive. ✓ Reorganize the files or folders any time you want: You can easily reorganize the imported files or folders at any time. This is the smartest feature of the application. ✓ Security: This is the greatest advantage of the application because you can choose the level of security to be set for each folder or category. ✓ Easy maintenance: The application offers complete security and very easy maintenance. You can choose the number of allowed errors in the import, and even more complex options for the folder structure. ✓ Easy to use: Clear and easy to use interface, you can quickly get access to your data. ✓ Extended import/export feature: You can import and export data from/to your system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) in many formats (CSV, XML, INI, PDB, RTF). ✓ Manage large numbers of files: Even up to 60 000 files you can manage in the application, this is the largest number limit. ✓ Cross-platform support: The application is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Installing Speedy Organizer: Install Speedy Organizer on your Windows system from its installation file: //install.bat //Install Speedy Organizer on your Mac OS system from its installation file: //install.sh //Install Speedy Organizer on your Linux system from its installation file: //install.sh Easy to use and straightforward way to organize and organize a database. Features: ✓ Support Importing MS Excel, MS Access, MS Powerpoint, MS Publisher files. ✓ Support importing Data from Databases such as DBF, CSV, XML, TXT, RTF, Ini. ✓ Supports drag and drop for file importing. ✓ Compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1. ✓ The most intuitive interface b7e8fdf5c8

Speedy Organizer [Win/Mac]

Would you like to organize your working environment in the best way? Have you ever asked yourself about you organization process? If you can answer “yes” you are lucky, because you are in the right place. With Speedy Organizer you will have the possibility to organize your working environment in the best way. The application is compatible with any type of file and folder, you have the possibility to insert many of those documents at the same time, regardless of their size. You will also be able to locate, manage and send documents to your other devices in a fast and reliable way. What you can expect: – You are able to import documents from your computer or from any scanner with the standard Scanner Driver. – A very powerful utility to organize and manage your working environment in the best way. – Set up and perform any operations with the layout of your choice. – Save files with advanced compression ratio. – Enable the user to customize all the files operations by enabling their creation, deletion and modification. – The application offers to share files with different devices (email, ftp,…) in order to be sent or received. – You will be able to organize, secure, search for your files and send them to someone for fast and easy response. – Set-up the software to save processing time and overcome the limitation of making a copy of all the documents if you have many of them, as well as saving your disk space. – The software will notify you automatically when an email has been sent or received. You will also be able to generate and execute images for a single or multiple documents to send and receive. – It will make you always satisfied with your organization and your work with your documents. The application’s preferences are easy to customize. You can set up the favorites section, allowing you to organize your documents. You can decide whether to mark a file as favorite or move it to the specific folder. You can also create your own folder and assign the application to organize files and folders there. It is very easy to use and very fast to organize your working environment. Not only you will enjoy your organization process, your customers and partners will be able to do it in the best way. If you are making a comprehensive, fast and reliable software to organize and manage any type of files and folders in the same way, regardless of the size and the complexity of the content, Speedy Organ

What’s New in the Speedy Organizer?

* Check file lists, check their details, edit, duplicate or delete them. * Supports multiple files and folders. * Use WMA, JPEG or MP3 format. * Ability to convert files. * Supports password and user group. * Supports compression and encryption. * Supports workgroup and schedule. * Supports the running of scheduled tasks. * Supports authentication. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports XML import. * Supports SQL (ODBC) databases. * Supports Dropbox. * Supports access settings. * Supports encryption. * Supports auto-save and live mode. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports copy, move, delete and import. * Supports ability to specify the number of backups. * Supports multiple background workers. * Supports re-import of all files. * Supports change of the name and path of files. * Supports password protection. * Supports URL to image conversion. * Supports icon sizes. * Supports date and time. * Supports password. * Supports unicode support. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports compression and encryption. * Supports encryption. * Supports copy, move, delete and import. * Supports ability to specify the number of backups. * Supports multiple background workers. * Supports password protection. * Supports re-import of all files. * Supports schedule. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports image format: BMP, JPEG, GIF, GIFL, JPG, JPGL, TGA, PNG. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports zip file support. * Supports support of external resources. * Supports support of external resources. * Supports encryption. * Supports password protection. * Supports copy, move, delete, import, export and schedule. * Supports Import from FTP, HTTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMB, WebDAV, DB, Doc, Zip, TAR, SOCKS, DAR * Supports drag and drop. * Supports scheduled task. * Supports support of MS Excel, XLS and CSV format. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports Encrypt. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports emailing for notifications. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports encryption. * Supports the editing of the password. * Supports drag and drop. * Supports image format:

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7 (64-bit) Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) Windows Server 2012 (64-bit) Mac OS X (10.10 or later) Linux Processor: 1.2GHz or faster Dual Core processor RAM: 1GB Graphics: 1GB Video card Internet Connection: Broadband Internet Connection Other: 1360 x 768 monitor


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