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Hey YouTube Channel, This is Roblox, and today, we’re gonna be showing you 3-10s why they’re the cutest, and why they’re best friends. What’s up YouTube?! (and welcome back to everyone, thank you for watching) So, when we were younger, we had lots of friends, whether we were boys or girls. And we had a lot of fun with them too. Well, today I have a special 3-10. In fact, it’s a very new best friend; a 3-10? Yes, 3-10. Hey, Tessa, Tessa is my little buddy Give me a big hug Are we friends now? So, I’ve been on the Roblox bandwagon from the very beginning, like back when it started. But it’s gotten way bigger since then. But I think some of you already know me. I run a YouTube channel, and I have been posting videos here on YouTube for about seven years. And you may already know that, because I usually get a lot of comments and likes for those videos. And I try to respond to everything. But, I usually don’t have time. And I have so much to show off to everyone. So I usually don’t have time to make videos here. But I was here today to make sure that the 3-10 had their video, because it wasn’t ready. But it was ready now. Today, we’re going to show you some more of why I love the 3-10 so much. And I know what you’re thinking – they’re so cute! Well, that’s true, but I want to show you why they’re even cuter! Let’s get started. Okay, so, let’s go over some personal stuff first. So, I moved to a new house a few months ago. And that was pretty exciting, because I got to explore the house with all my new friends. And I even got to get a new bed. And that’s so fun. But my 3-10 was the one who thought up the best idea ever. And I’ve got to show you the video of that. Okay, let’s watch it together. *Music Plays* Alright, so, you guys know that I’m in a new house. But I’m looking for a new best friend. And


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