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Because it takes energy, the short answer is no. “Although the ‘chase’ associated with looking for your next sexual encounter — or ‘hunting’ as some call it — is physically demanding, it is, however, simply a matter of time spent,” says sex researcher Victoria Rideout. “After all, you are spending time staring into each other’s eyes, and there are inherent rewards, including increased oxygen flow and the release of feel-good endorphins, in the process of ‘hunting.'” It’s not that hookups are inherently bad, as long as they’re approached strategically and with your eyes open about where you’re headed. For most people, the stress and hassle of going through the hoops of a social relationship just isn’t worth it. The reason why more and more millennials don’t want to be in long-term relationships is that they’re tired of the big commitments, and they know that they have a better chance of finding love or even serious, long-term sex online. But, how did this become the norm? Is casual sex really as bad as it’s made out to be? At some point in recent history, dating apps have become a way for people to pull off a “swipe, meet up, hook up, lay down and call it a night” encounter, for the sake of convenience. And because of apps like Tinder, which has more than 300 million users, people can get started fast — and that can lead to skipping out on deciding if you actually want to be with this person, according to a study of the average user’s online dating habits. That is, if he or she is even interested in you in the first place. Of course, there are many women who like casual sex, but there are also people of all genders who don’t, says Savvy Cougar, an Atlanta-based lifestyle columnist and senior assistant editor at Broadsheet, a regional lifestyle magazine. “The fact is, no one is going to judge someone for having a consensual sexual experience. You are making a conscious decision to have that encounter and you are aware that you are going to have to take responsibility of that encounter,” she says. “There is nothing sexy about being forced into a situation.” The most important thing is to know that you’re ready for a hookup, and that you are okay with what you choose to do afterward. “These may well be late-night booty calls, but
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As for how different cultures approach the subject, that’s a more complicated question. Adolescent boys in Japan engage in a different type of casual sex than their American counterparts, for example, and they have a different view of the impact that casual hookups can have on long-term relationships. Casual sex is perhaps culturally different in other parts of the world as well. In western countries, sexual health researchers are promoting the practice as being pretty similar to vaginal intercourse without any complications. So casual sex isn’t inherently damaging to the body. There are some men and women out there that aren’t quite so lucky, though, and not everyone is able to make casual sex safe in every situation. If the novelty of the experience wears off and you’re left feeling like the person you had sex with wants to keep your sexual habits a secret, you may be in a situation that can lead to unwanted sexual consequences. That is, of course, unless you were both equally on board with the arrangement. In that case, the feel-good factor of casual sex — on the heels of a wonderful night or weekend away — carries an abundance of different positive emotions. There are other consequences to having casual sex, too, that can sometimes be harder to deal with. If you’ve managed to find both sexual chemistry and agree on what sexual acts count as casual sex (fisting, analingus, etc.), you may soon discover that you haven’t been so accurate in your definition. That doesn’t mean that it was bad, but you may have to broaden the definitions on a few things. People have different definitions of casual sex. If the person you’re hooking up with wants to fuck even more times, and you’re into it, and you’re not trying to do anything more than get off, then it can be fine. There’s no reason why you can’t do this as a hookup activity. Or, you could even consider it a sex class if you really want to delve deep into the world of casual sex. Just be aware that, while the odds of getting hitched may not be particularly high, the odds of giving yourself a sexually transmitted infection — like you catching a sexually transmitted infection — are very high. And in the case of casual sex, that is more so than with a partner. Everyone knows that having sex with a casual partner means more possible risk of STIs — it’s all the news nowadays. But if you do discover that you’ve caught anything during a casual sexual encounter, be sure


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