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Scary Humans is a survival horror where you, Mrgrt, the only alien, are forced to live in a huge old-school airport. You are the only alien in a sterile, ultra-quaint and populated world. Using all your agility and alertness, you have to survive as long as you can and escape from the isolation chamber where you have been held captive. Avoid the humans dressed in their sterilizer suits and you might get away. Gameplay The game is an adventure game where the objective is to survive as long as you can and escape. The difficulty increases with the level you reach, as the game is set in the 80’s. Game mechanics Scary Humans is a procedural survival game. The game is procedurally-generated meaning every time you play will be different and challenging. The levels are randomly generated and different: will you be caught in a factory with an incredible maze to escape from, or will you have to dodge a pack of chubby humans around every corner and avoid their eyes popping out and hands clawing at your skin? Humans are here to kill you. You can either escape from the humans or avoid them. If you ever fail, you will be sent back to the start of the level. The humans behave differently according to the level, making your life harder. The humans will have to catch you and if you fail, they will torture you. The more they chase you, the more difficult you will be to beat their numerical advantage. They behave differently according to the level you’re in. Runners are the easiest to dodge, but they have the lowest stamina (the more stamina they have, the more they’ll run after you). Chubbies are the fastest, but they have more stamina than the runners. Regulars, having more stamina than the chubbies, tend to be able to see you better, and you’ll need to dodge their lascivious whispers to avoid capture. The players have two levels of defense: shields and energy bombs, which will work the most efficient against humans. The energy bombs are only available in the labs, they will keep you safe from humans and let you refuel. The shields that you collect will give you stamina and energy, but won’t make the humans disappear. The game is not over when you get killed. Each level will turn you into a human after you die


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