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OpenGLChecker is an application that helps users find out information about their graphics card OpenGL version and specifications, while also being able to play the role of a benchmark tool for the GPU. The implementation of this useful tool was made possible thanks to the downloaded and updated official software package of the original application. OpenGLChecker is an OpenGL (OpenGL Shading Language) tester with a wide range of features that make it a really handy application. Its interface is so simple to use that you would be surprised to discover all the options it has. – Check the OpenGL version, number of extensions and OpenGL version of your graphics card. – The tests are subdivided into two different types: Blendermark and Terrain. – Each of them comes with three test scenes with different complexity. – The test result is automatically generated in the application window, after you terminate a test. – You can customize the behavior of the application at any time. – A really handy option allows you to monitor the GPU performance. – A log file is generated every time you start the application. – This log file can be displayed in the application window, in order to provide you with more information about the GPU and its performance. – Drag-and-drop support allows you to conveniently select the graphics card to analyze and you can even move any file into the OpenGLChecker window. – You can also access its settings and the copied graphics card data right away. It is powered by a free, original software package of the application. The latest official update of the application includes over 500 corrections and improvements and clarifies important information. *Platforms: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. OpenGLChecker is a program that can analyze your graphics card and display results regarding the graphics capabilities of your system. It is basically a binary file that can be sent to any Windows PC on your network and can operate on all graphics cards, even if they are onboard, PCI or AGP. This application is useful because it lets you determine how much of a GPU RAM capacity your hardware configuration has, as well as the number of available graphic processors your graphics card has. Key features: – Graphical user interface. – Over 300 functions about the graphics processing unit. – Graphical results. – Support for all graphic cards. – A log file that can be displayed in the application window. – A helper tool

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OpenGLChecker provides users with a way to find out information regarding their OpenGL version and specifications, while also playing the role of a benchmark tool for the GPU. Gather data about the OpenGL accelerator This application can help you get details concerning the OpenGL 3D accelerator your graphics card comes with, such as its version, the included edition of the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), the used graphics renderer and the GPU manufacturer (called ‘implementor’). Also, it retrieves information about all the available OpenGL extensions and determines their total number, which work together in order to provide enhanced rendering capabilities and extended performance to your graphics card. Unfortunately, there is no option to disable them. Benchmarking capabilities As mentioned above, the application can also act as a reliable benchmark utility, ready to assist you in assessing the performance of your graphics card. It integrates two different tests for this hardware component, called ‘Blendermark’ and ‘Terrain’. During each test, OpenGLChecker displays 3D video graphics that require high resources, in order to evaluate the real capabilities of the GPU. You can terminate a test anytime you want to with the push of a button. The generated result report displays the average frames per second, the maximum achieved FPS rate and the number of updates per second. Dull interface Focusing on efficiency and functionality rather than appearance, OpenGLChecker comes with a rather poor user interface that could definitely use a makeover. Even so, the advantage is that it features accessible and intelligible options, which enables beginners to use it without facing difficulties. Questions? Go here 1 Like Reply Odd P Jun 14, 2018 16 OpenGLChecker: Benchmarking GPU with GPU Is there any such application like “OpenGLChecker” for GPU. I am using “Heap” of order GPUs and wish to see if the setup, performance and the speed of my GPU is on top or below average. Reply 1 Like Reply amit Jul 3, 2018 2 OpenGLChecker: Benchmarking GPU with GPU Is there any tool available which can show FPS for Both CPU and GPU?? Reply 1 Like Reply Ramin Salim Jul 6, 2018 4 OpenGLChecker: 91bb86ccfa

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OpenGLChecker has an extensive set of options and features. With this powerful application, you can gather data pertaining to your graphics card’s OpenGL acceleration and see how your performance is. The resulting report provides information about the OpenGL version you have, the type of graphics card you have, details about your graphics software environment and the performance of your card. Also, it retrieves information about all the available OpenGL extensions, their number and their OpenGL extensions version. Besides, you can play a benchmark as well as determine your graphics card’s performance. The lost civilization simulator You are the discoverer of a lost civilization. The life of yours in this discovery was full of adventures and misfortunes. As you learned more about the civilization you started to question the reasons for its sudden disappearance. You were uncertain about what had happened to it. You decided to return to that part of the world to find out more details. Your journey started 4 years ago. You want to get more about what happened to your civilization. You left the city full of people, and went to the north, to an uninhabited area, trying to find answers to your questions. While you were walking through the vast grassland, you found the city. You noticed a clean spot next to a river, and you decided to stop there. You found a safe place to camp. After you were in the campsite, you noticed something strange. You found people from your civilization. You felt like there was something familiar about them. You decided to ask them questions. The secret you wanted to find was still kept by the tribe of your people. You asked them questions about what had happened to your people. One of the answers you were given, was that your people were going to lose their lands due to people they couldn’t understand. You were told that your people were going to take land, that they didn’t have, and they would have to fight for it. They were told that they were going to have to fight for their land, and there was no way to avoid the fight, because they were going to be killed. Now you are going back to your homeland, and you want to see if you can still find a way to help your civilization. My game is my hope for the lost civilization simulator. I want to share my feelings with the

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Gather data about your OpenGL hardware and display it graphically in order to identify the used edition of the OpenGL Shading Language, graphics renderer and graphics accelerator. Benchmark the performance of your graphics card using two tests: Blendermark and Terrain. Both the tests are accompanied by tutorial videos. Read comments that you can write in the description field. System Requirements: To use OpenGLChecker, your device should support OpenGL 3.2. OpenGLChecker Description: The official successor to the well-known OpenGL Performance Checker is here! It provides OpenGL information and performance benchmark options for graphics cards and graphics drivers. This OpenGL information is displayed graphically and provides detailed graphics for your system, your graphics card and the graphics driver. It also includes complete details for each OpenGL extension installed on your machine. OpenGL information is also included, when you benchmark your card. The details displayed graphically show FPS rates, average frames per second, maximum achievable FPS rates and the number of updates per second. A benchmark option option is also available, in order to evaluate the performance of your graphic card. Drawbacks: Unfortunately, there is no option to disable the OpenGL extensions. OpenGLChecker Description: This application provides an extensive database about the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), the graphics hardware and the version of the OpenGL API for your computer. It can be used to display the information, to determine how many OpenGL extensions exist for your system and to gather information about the GLU library. In addition to this, it can display a table of compatible and incompatible graphics cards based on their OpenGL versions and the included OpenGL Shading Language. User interface: OpenGLChecker uses a widget-based interface, in which each widget is used to display data. In spite of the limited options available, the interface is easy to use for beginners. OpenGL extensions: OpenGLChecker displays the total number of available OpenGL extensions and also provides a list of all the installed extensions that are compatible with your graphics card.1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and is more particularly concerned with metal foil pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. 2. Description of the Prior Art Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes which are sometimes referred to as adhesive labels are well known and widely used as labels and other decorative and utilitarian articles of commerce. They are generally made of a backing of pressure sensitive adhesive

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