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Purrint is a snipping tool that enhances the features of the standard Windows print screen utility. As you probably know by now, almost every keyboard in the world comes with a “print screen” key that’s supposed to let you take advantage of the print screen feature integrated into Windows. The purpose of this lightweight application is actually very simple: it enhances the overall functionality of this particular tool by offering users a great pack of features, such as auto-saving and auto-printing. First of all, Purrint places an icon in the Windows System Tray that provides access to the configuration screen, but also lets you take a screenshot with a single click or open the previously-made screen capture. The options menu however allows you to set up the auto-save feature, which automatically saves a new screenshot in a user-defined folder. The application supports three different formats, namely JPG, BMP and PNG. What’s more, Purrint can also copy the screenshot to clipboard all by itself every time the print screen button is pressed or even print it using the default printer. If you’re not okay with these settings, you can configure the program to prompt for an action after a new screenshot is made. Although it’s supposed to run all the time, Purrint runs on very low system resources and doesn’t affect computer performance at all. All things considered, if you’re looking for an easy to use snipping tool that doesn’t assault you with plenty of features, Purrint is an excellent piece of software. On the other hand, you’re only allowed to take full screen screenshots, so you can’t capture just a specific screen region or an active window.







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Cute little kid colouring app with different cute animals. Easy to use, you just pick the animal and start colouring. Change colours and she does it too! She’s a tea party, a panda, a monkey, a giraffe, a big bird and so much more. Cute and colourful app for kids, tweens and adults too! Features: – over 80 animals – colouring book with 25+ pages of colouring, drawing and picture-sharing fun – anti-fraud secure app with optional safety filters – randomise colours for colouring – free to play! NetTraffic Crack Mac Description: Languages: English, 中文, Español, Русский, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, Português, Italiano Beautiful HD wallpapers for Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 Desktop. Please free to comment, share, download and spread this app… Unlike many of the other coverflow apps out there, this one supports slideshows, along with photo albums and folders. It’s a coverflow for 8×10, 8×12 and 4×6 photos. All photos are sorted by 8×10 size. Photos are laid out in one single slide, and the slides are shuffled into order by tapping on the screen. You can adjust the slideshows by tapping on the photo you want to move to the front, or shuffle the slide order by tapping again. The example photo in the screenshots may look blurry, this is because it’s been uploaded from a mobile device, and it’s the “picture quality” default setting in the app. For a full overview of all the customization options, please visit the Settings app of your device. Please free to comment, share, download and spread this app… Need a way to keep track of your financials for the month in less than half an hour a day?  This is the perfect solution for you. It’s called the SaaS (Software as a Service) Calculator. You simply fill out what you make, what you spend, and then simply use your built in calculator to determine if you have any money left. A battery saving feature is included. Would you like to know your net worth as well? Well, then you need the net worth calculator. It’s simple to fill out how much you make

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netscan is a comprehensive traffic monitor software and route analyzer that records all IP addresses, computers and hosts that connect to the Internet. In addition to this, netscan supports advanced offline scan methods. Since version 5, netscan can limit the download traffic and can automatically fill the scan database when it runs the first time and detects the Internet connection is offline. The easy-to-use network monitor netscan consists of three modules. The overview module, which provides information like the IP addresses of the active hosts, their DNS servers, the gateway IP address, and the actual usage of the internet. The traffic module, which shows the IP addresses and the used hosts that have connected to the Internet in real-time. In addition, the traffic module shows the different types of connection like wired, wireless and VPN. After the scanning is complete, netscan will create one or more report files for each host or IP address. The last module, which is the analyzing module, is the most interesting part of netscan. The analyzing module can be used to locate hosts behind a NAT device, to detect the target host, to determine the encryption method, to detect protocol sniffers, route analyzers and many other useful features. When a host leaves the Internet, the scan history automatically save all addresses, hosts and network topology (see advanced scan method). These records are saved in a txt file and can be imported again in any later netscan scan. The analyzer lists all connections to the Internet. The files are saved in a database. Addresses can be filtered by IP address, ports, netmask, subnet mask, hostname, type, address, host and gateway. A file can be created for each connection. All the files will be listed with a overview. The report has a lot of features. It’s easy to handle. It’s useful for The trial version of a digital photo enhancement software, Imagenation Photo Magic, can be installed onto up to 3 computers, but only one computer can be used at a time. There is no “time limit”, as you can run the software from 1 hour to 30 days, and you will not be charged. You can try the trial of Photo Magic at no cost. It comes with a guide to help you with your first few tasks: Getting started – the first two panels show you how to import your photos and choose the order in which to arrange them. At this point you will be asked to decide whether you want to use the program with 02dac1b922

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The CopyPC is a simple tool that enables you to copy your Windows XP computer’s Internet traffic to your computer’s hard drive. It’s not as straightforward as it may seem since the application requires its respective executable file and Windows Service in order for it to run properly. We have tested the program on a Windows XP installation without the Service. The tool is equally suitable for Windows 2000, Vista and Windows 7 systems. The installation is simple enough, as it only takes a few minutes to finish. After installing the software and having a look at the main window, you can pick a storage unit where you want to save the collected data. The location can be a USB flash drive, an optical disc, network storage or even a network printer. On the main screen, it is possible to initiate the process, choose the encoding formats (bitrate, quality), download a file if required (server name, password), create a log file, select the CPU to be used by the tool (whether it should process all cores or only one) and specify the user interface language. When you first launch the application, the log file will be written to a separate location, while the UI will be displayed on the screen. The application does not have a table or similar setting to help you select a specific connection with a particular web page, but since it relies on the Windows Service to function, it does not really allow the connection to be established in the first place. The user interface is not of the best quality. The application tends to lag when it’s populated with a lot of data, since its purpose is to transfer the traffic at all times. Plus, the button highlighting the information is often difficult to read, and it takes a few seconds for the animation to stop, which does not make the user feel all that comfortable. The interface itself is minimalist and straightforward, and it cannot be customized. The application successfully downloads data from the Internet, especially when it encounters a web page that contains large amounts of data. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and HTTP/HTTPS protocols, as well as FTP, HTTP and HTTPS servers. As for the server name and password, this is presented to you on the screen in plain text, which can be written in the Service’s Main tab. The application is very easy to use. While it will work on a Windows XP installation without the Service, it requires the presence of this program, though. We have tested the utility on a Windows 2000 installation, although a Windows XP installation was also

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NetTraffic is a utility that allows you to view all traces of TCP and UDP traffic on your computer. The tool enables you to record, analyze and manipulate individual data flows and export the results in various formats. NetTraffic can be used to test your personal security by blocking all outgoing or outgoing and incoming traffic and the possibilities to analyze it in detail. NetTraffic does not collect any data itself or log traffic on your system. Supported hosts: The utility can be installed on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Windows XP 64-bit Windows 7 64-bit Windows Vista 64-bit Windows 2000 32-bit Default installation folder: C:\Program Files\NetTraffic Features * Check system traffic: The utility enables you to check the traffic that is currently going on your computer. You can filter the results by Domain Name, Logon Hours or Users and Shifts. You can use filters to get more accurate reports by selecting specific IP addresses or MAC addresses. * View TCP traffic: You can use NetTraffic to view the traffic over the TCP protocol and view all the traffic that has been sent/received over a certain period of time. You can also view TCP traffic in a variety of different formats. * Analyze outgoing traffic: In addition to being able to view outgoing traffic, you can also generate detailed reports, filter the results by Domain Name, Logon Hours and Users, view the data by Routing Table, Domain Names, IP or MAC addresses, and download the records to a file. You can also view the size of the file for every incoming or outgoing and view them on a chart. * View application traffic: Use NetTraffic to check the traffic that has been sent/received by the application that you are currently using. The list of applications that you can check is quite wide. For example, the utilities includes: · Internet Explorer · Outlook · Outlook Express · Adobe Reader · Microsoft Office · MSN Messenger * Manage TCP connections: NetTraffic enables you to activate all active TCP connections on your computer. You can view information about the connection, such as IP addresses, ports, type of traffic, destination IP address, connections to the Internet and much more. You can also modify the connection settings, for example, you can modify the settings of the remote hosts, such as hosts with the same IP address and ports and IP address/port combinations.

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo RAM: 1GB HDD: 5GB Mouse, Keyboard Recommended: OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel i7-4770 CPU, AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card RAM: 8GB HDD: 15GB Note: This guide

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