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Note You can preview the image in the foreground or the background while you work on it; choose View→Slideshow Preview to preview the image on the fly. In addition, you can save a version of the file at a time with the File→Save Backups option. * **Type**. There are four types of file formats used in Photoshop: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. These four formats are the most common formats used in image processing, and you can find instructions for using these formats in Chapters,,, and.

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We’ve gathered a list of the best features in Photoshop Elements, according to the hundreds of thousands of Photoshop users who have shared their experiences with us. Get the best Photoshop Elements tips and tricks 01. Adjust existing images with masks This is one of the most common Photoshop Elements features, though some people may not even know what a mask is. A mask is a circular or rectangular area that allows you to selectively remove (mask) parts of your image. To select a mask, drag around the area you want to mask in the layer’s bounding box or from the Color Picker tool, which lets you customize a selected area on-the-fly. The mask’s transparent area serves as a guide. If a mask is on top, the areas it covers are transparent, and vice versa. To edit existing masks, select the layer they’re applied to and use the Move tool to adjust them. Or, use the mask to remove parts of an image by selecting a free brush in the toolbox and applying it to the layer. 02. Simplify the editing process Photoshop Elements makes it easy to use the tools in the toolbox, as well as the color options in the menu bar. Buttons are easier to remember when they have names, so select File>Elements>Toggle toolbox name. Similarly, click the icon next to a button to see its shortcut key in the Customize window. 03. Import and export images Create and save a new image by pressing Ctrl+N, or click the Create menu and select New. Click and drag files into the opened window; just make sure you select the appropriate file type. You can also import images from most major online photo sharing sites like Flickr, Shutterfly, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr and SmugMug. 04. Add a mask to a layer To add a mask to a layer, select the layer and then click the Add Masks tool in the toolbox. You can also select Layer>Add Masks if you want to add a mask to an existing layer. A circle fills with the selected color. If you change the color of the mask, the color fills the active portion of the layer. 05. Draw free-form shapes Click inside the shape tool and drag to add new shapes to your image. Each 05a79cecff

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2. **Choose the Brush tool, and then click and drag to create a new brush**. In the previous example, the Brush tool is hidden, since it is set to be unavailable when you create a brush. When you want to create a brush, you must first click the Brush tool. 3. **In the Options bar, deselect the Auto-Save Brush icon, and then click and drag to create a new brush**. The Brush options control the size, shape, and spacing of the brush, as shown on the right in Figure 2-11. 4. **Click and drag to draw a brush**. Your cursor changes to a stylus. With a mouse, click and drag to create a brush. For more on using the stylus, see the box on the next page. To change the size of a brush or stylus, click and drag inside the Brush tool options (Figure 2-11). See the box on the next page for more on resizing a brush. Figure 2-11. These options let you create brushes that use different colors, and you can even make the brush smaller or larger than it appears in the options bar. In this example, you can see the colors and size of the brush before actually selecting it. If you’re tired of the default size and shape of a brush, you can create your own brush by using the New Brush dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-12. Figure 2-12. To get started, click the New brush icon and a New brush dialog box opens. You can now add details to the brush, such as color and size variations, and even fine-tune some of the settings, including spacing. This dialog box gives you a great way to start experimenting with the dozens of brushes that come with Photoshop Elements.

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Highly recommended. 1.1 GHz Dual-Core processor 256 MB RAM Recommended: 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor 2.0 GHz Quad-Core processor 512 MB RAM Minimum: Run on the following OS: Windows 8.1 or above Mac OS X 10.9.5 or above Linux 3.2.

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