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You may want to invest in a high-quality printer. Simply put, if you don’t print many photos, you can save hundreds of dollars in ink by printing your photos on a quality inkjet printer. Printers start as low as $20 these days. You may want to invest in a printer to save time, postage, and ink, and to cut down on curling or tearing. Editing and Smoothing Tools Photoshop offers two basic tools to crop and straighten images: Crop: The Crop tool is found in the toolbox. After you select the tool from the toolbox, the viewfinder changes so that the image is highlighted. You then select the area you want to crop from and drag the crop box around the image. You can drag to shrink or crop the image to be smaller (as shown in the left image in Figure 7-3). Straighten: You may hear the Straighten tool described as the Wrench tool, which refers to the tool’s resemblance to the wrench used to tighten or loosen a bolt. The Straighten tool is available in the toolbox. After you select the tool, the viewfinder changes so that the image is highlighted. You then select the edge of the image you want to straighten and drag the tool around the image, with the tool flashing as the straighten path is calculated. This tool is more than just an image tool because you can use it to edit the edges of various shapes like circles, ellipses, and polygons. You can even apply the effect of perspective to images using the Straighten tool. You can drag in any direction to adjust the angle of the shape, as shown in the right image in Figure 7-3. **Figure 7-3:** Use the crop tool to drag an image boundary and then drag the crop box to the boundary. Adjusting Color, Contrast, and Saturation Color, contrast, and saturation levels are changed on the Image menu. These three tools are available in two drop-down menus: Picture/Adjustments and Adjustment Layer/Adjustments. Figure 7-4 shows this menu. **Figure 7-4:** Adjust the color, contrast, and saturation of a photo with the Image menu. The Picture/Adjustments menu contains the following tools: Adjust Color/Brightness/Contrast: This feature makes colors more vibrant or more muted. You can choose to adjust the

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You can find detailed information about Elements on the Adobe website. You can download a free copy of Photoshop Elements 2020 from their web site. Unlike traditional Photoshop, Photoshop Elements does not force users to learn and become familiar with the features of the software. This article will show you how to edit and create high-quality images with Photoshop Elements. It will also show you how to use Photoshop elements to edit pictures. If you want to learn how to make Memes, draw, create or convert images to different formats, this article can help you do that. Adobe Photoshop Elements: A graphical user interface for beginners Before you can use Elements, you must have some knowledge of graphic designing and photo editing. Photoshop Elements is a software like other graphic editing software, but it has a basic and easy to use graphical user interface for novice users. This software works in a similar manner to the other graphic editing software such as Paint Shop Pro, Corel PaintShop Pro or Gimp. You create new images by arranging elements such as shapes, lines, text, or colors. You can make photos using various filters and then save them. Elements has many built-in filters to help you create high-quality images. You can create new images by combining objects from the pre-installed objects such as social media, frames, and stickers. You can also edit images. You can crop, add and remove objects from images, and add and remove colors from images. You can easily make a web design. You can use text, shapes and colors to make logos or web pages. You can even use the Add-on Filters to use stickers or frames to create cool images. The choice of easy to use toolbars and a simple workflow for novice users are two reasons why this software is called Photoshop Elements. Picking the best features in Photoshop Elements This software has a lot of tools and features available. The best way to know what features are important is to analyze the features of other graphic editing software. Below are several features of Elements which will help you edit and create high-quality images: Color Picker You can easily change the color of an image with a color picker tool. You can change the color of an image by clicking and dragging the color-picker tool over the section you want to change. The tool will show three buttons. You can 05a79cecff

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