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Twenty-two hours of top-notch motion capture data from one high-intensity football match Uses new HyperMotion Technology to generate truly dynamic gameplay 20 next-gen animation sets that get ever more realistic with every game Keeps details between the ears and the eyes in line Boundary markers drawn on the pitch by a referee for the first time Refers to new feature in the “Edge of the Pitch” mode and the “Recuperar” tool Experience the speed of real football in every moment, as the dreamlike hit animations are even more dynamic, adding to the realistic feel of the game All-new “physical sensation” gameplay Boundary markers in all stadiums Groundbreaking injury systems that get to the cause of problems, not just the symptoms Referees who pass their first official game All-new commentary system with an all-star team of commentary from the biggest names in football New features in the “Edge of the Pitch” mode and the new “Recuperar” tool Interactive training with drills in all stadiums Automatic player goal celebrations based on the celebration meter Six stadiums, including the English Premier League The return of a stadium editor New features for referees, coaches and gamers alike New coaching tools New hair styles for players New video diaries New leg protection option FIFA 2015 The squads for the England, Italy, and Ghana World Cups. More than 450 players in the game, featuring all FIFA 15 stars. FIFA Ultimate Team: Over 100 new and improved cards, including many popular gamers like Neymar and Mkhitaryan. Every card in the game is a card from the real-life player. New personalised stadiums, customizable through player build-up from players’ cards. The return of club rivalries and national sides in Ultimate Team mode. New FIFA Ultimate Team Champions where you can compete head-to-head with other FIFA fans. Ultimate Team Zones, where you can play head-to-head Ultimate Team matches with your friends. FIFA 15 weapons and brand new gameplay mechanics. FIFA 16 The squads for Russia 2018. The squad updates for FIFA 16 are more than any team in a FIFA game. They’


Features Key:

  • Real-time individual skill rating system
  • HyperMotion Technology, the very first time this has been used in-game for any professional sport
  • Upgrade the backroom staff with professional coaching icons
  • Trade all card content
  • Party Ultimate Team
  • New Fight for the Ball, Fight to Win feature
  • New Focused Accolades Feature: Earn achievements for every single challenge you play
  • New Club Design: Customise your club’s badge, uniform, crest, stadium, kits, lighting, animation, and training facilities
  • Includes 18 national teams from Europe, Asia, North America and Africa
  • New camera angles, with user-controlled precision, and new camera dashboard. You get more control over camera movement and more options for positioning players and the pitch.
  • Revamped UCL and UEFA Champions League style knockout game
  • New Long Pass function for pitchside shots
  • New FIFA World Class Player Initiative, including Community Matches
  • Better celebrations
  • New and improved gameplay
  • Umbrella system
  • FIFA Career Mode Include from the EFL Championship
  • New Customise player equipment
  • Full new player intelligence system
  • Crystal Palace – AFC Bournemouth live TV match included
  • FIFA on-board rumble feature which allows you to give a virtual thump to your opponent
  • New structure to the gameplay. FIFA 22 is all about the thrill of the game and its no holds barred, no excuses mindset.
  • New kit designs to celebrate the world game
  • Better, more real-life player likeness
  • New camera tools. And no longer does this make you feel like you’re in the centre of a Muddywump yard
  • New player animation New off-ball runs behaviour New kit actions. Real-life foam on-field celebrations to celebrate your goals

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    Developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts Inc., FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is the world’s leading sports game franchise. FIFA was developed and published by EA Canada in association with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), beginning with FIFA Soccer in 1991. The FIFA series is the best-selling sports series in the history of video games, with estimated sales of 125 million units since the release of the original FIFA Soccer in September of 1991. What can I do in FIFA? FIFA combines authentic gameplay and innovative game modes with real-world league play, creating a level of play that is unmatched by other sports simulations. The game reflects the beauty and intensity of world soccer and makes game-changing comebacks and history-defining goals accessible to players of all skill levels. This title may include free games or free content that you can buy, depending on the region. Reviews for this game may contain spoilers for upcoming events in other games in the FIFA franchise. What is in this version : FIFA 2022 Season Edition on PlayStation 4. EA SPORTS FRANCHISE BONUS : The EA SPORTS franchise is a portfolio of high-quality sports games developed by EA Canada and distributed worldwide by Electronic Arts Inc. The portfolio includes FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, NBA, Tiger Woods and The Sims. Screenshots Trailers Gameplay New features: FIFA 22 introduces the new Editions system, featuring different gameplay experiences based on what you choose to pay for your game. How do you decide what edition to buy? Well, as in real life, it’s your choice. The FIFA 22 Season Edition gives you the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Edition with free bonus items and discounts for season 2019-2020. It also comes with the new RED BULL PROTOTYPE OLYMPIC GEAR Locker, giving you instant access to the latest gear from the Olympic Games of 2024. For fans of Ultimate Team, the FIFA 22 Season Edition lets you collect all the gems and unlock the best-of-the-best players in the Ultimate Team history. The Red Bull Training Kit, the ideal piece of kit for the ultimate training session, will also be available in the FIFA Ultimate Team store. The FIFA 22 Season Edition and its DLC are available on all major platforms – Windows, Xbox One, bc9d6d6daa


    Fifa 22

    Ultimate Team is where you build the ultimate team of players by purchasing the latest and greatest real players in the world of soccer. Compete in daily or weekly FUT Drafts, win on the pitch, and train your players with the best soccer clubs in the world. Earn coins, FIFA Points, and special in-game items. Create the ultimate squad of players and determine the outcome of the FIFA 22 season. Start Your Pro Career – A new way to play the world’s most popular sport: Complete an action-packed, immersive Pro Career mode, from the moment you get your first contract to the end of your career. Choose from multiple leagues, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and more, as you progress through the ranks. Play different matches with different rules, including local friendlies, a fully licensed FA Cup, friendly internationals, continental qualifying matches, and more. Manage your Pro over hundreds of training sessions, then compete in and win tournaments, leagues, and championships. Replay the history of the game, and create the greatest soccer team of all time. Collect Your Passport – Carry your Pro’s passport to matches around the world, and build an elite squad of real-life players and managers from 30 different countries. Transfer thousands of players and your club’s own legends, from some of the biggest stars in the world today. Use your imagination to dream up the ultimate team, or you can choose from thousands of pre-built ones, from the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Train your Pro’s in more than 30 sessions, then compete in and win real-world tournaments and leagues around the world. The Ultimate Squad – FIFA 22 introduces The Ultimate Squad feature, a collection of players you can call upon in any matchday situation. Choose from the best players in the world and your own club’s legends – or use the ever-changing squad of legends players on FIFA Ultimate Team – to create your dream team. The Experience is also back in FIFA 22, and now you can watch your squad play live in the stadium, bring your game on the road, or train in the ultimate FIFA 22 facility on EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile. Competitions – Join a competitive club that represents you, your community, or your country, and take part in the game’s 21st season of the UEFA Champions League. Represent your favorite team in the Major League Soccer, and be


    What’s new:

    • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
    • Best line-up for forwards and midfielders
    • FIFA came of age as a brand and now the best FA teams have arrived
    • Players will attack and defend like never before in FIFA 22
    • FIFA 22 introduces a brand-new “Team of the Season” format, the official team of experts scout each player, giving you the insider’s view of who the best players in the world are, and why they’re great.
    • Upgrade your players with an eye for quality, not quantity
    • Players have more abilities in FIFA 22 to drive the action, create chances, and take control of the game
    • Starting XI


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    “FIFA” is a trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. and is used under license by the Football Association Premier League Limited. You are here: Home | FIFA Highlights: FIFA Highlights: FIFA 20: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 19: Step-By-Step Guide to Ultimate Team FIFA 18: Guide to Ultimate Team FIFA 17: Steaua Bucharest, Clock King Guide FIFA 16: Steaua Bucharest, Club Atlético R. Madrid Guide FIFA 15: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 14: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 13: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 12: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 11: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 10: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 09: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 08: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 07: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 06: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 05: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 04: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 03: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 02: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 01: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 00: Watch Every Goal & Highlights The Scout: Watch Every Goal & Highlights Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 20: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 19: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 18: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 17: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 16: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 15: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 14: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 13: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 12: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 11: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 10: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 09: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 08: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 07: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 06: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 05: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 04: Watch Every Goal & Highlights FIFA 03: Watch Every Goal &


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    System Requirements:

    – Supports Windows, Mac and Linux – Minimum resolution 800×600 – OS: Windows 98SE – Monitor: 16:9 or 4:3 (portrait mode) – Resolution: 1024×768 – Processor: 128Mb RAM – Install: 1 Gb HDD free space – DirectX: 9 – Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible – DirectX: Read the “Played Games” section – The game does not support any multi


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