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In addition to the above, FIFA offers the following new features: Targeting (Carry-Over, Focused, Distraction, Standout, Rapidfire) Last-Man Awareness (Defensive Instinct, Rampant) Playmaker (Agile, Intelligent, Visionary, Underrated) Attacking Tactics (Attacking Composure, Elusive, Demolition) Dribbling (Incredible Vertical, Last-ditch Dribble, Real-World Dribble) Ball Control (Ball Mastery, Ball Control, Real-World Ball Control) Ball Retention (Ball Retention, Elusive, Battleground) Midfield Play (Keepers in Space, High-Pressure Midfield) Squad Builds (Young Guns, Double-QB, Attacker) New Playing Styles (Free Kick, Fledgling, Inspirational) These gameplay features are inspired by real football attributes and players’ attributes. For example, the FIFA 2K series brings a level of authenticity to gameplay experience that is unmatched by any sports simulation franchise. The goal of FIFA 2K is to simulate skill, strategy, and tactics while immersing the player deep in the world of football. It all starts with authentic football movement. With FIFA’s HyperMotion Technology, players are made to move like a football player with the same biomechanics. Players’ footsteps, body weight, and balance are enhanced, resulting in more fluid and intelligent movements, and better decisions on when to engage and disengage with the ball. Targeting (Carry-Over, Focused, Distraction, Standout, Rapidfire) FIFA 22 introduces the Targeting, to give you more control over who is being targeted. The new targeting system will now enable you to fully harness the skills and techniques of your players. Most times when you play on FIFA, you will go through a prolonged, and sometimes stressful, period of turning to select your next attack target. When the attack target is selected, the player will be temporarily forced to stand still to occupy the spot – preventing you from doing other things. With the new Targeting system, this process is simplified. When your players have received a pass, you can now select, with ease, an attacking target from your current positioning on the pitch. You will be able to target a specific player on the pitch to achieve the


Features Key:

  • Play your favorite Fifa 19 gameplay modes in the most realistic football atmosphere to date.
  • Live your FIFA Matchday dream as one of the 30 Elite Footballers* and build your own Squad to dominate the 6 game modes in FIFA 22 by unlocking players, clubs, and stadiums, and managing your finances.
  • Feel every bump and bruise thanks to a new Physics engine that adds increased ball control, tighter defender collisions, and player injuries
  • Designed with all-new Human Visual Simulation technology to map players’ movements in-game to bring you more realistic on-field action
  • New off-ball behaviours give you more ways to control the ball
  • Ultimate Team – play with friends any way you want in FIFA Ultimate Team with new ways to build and manage your squad.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Discover the World of Football

Experience the excitement of the world’s most popular and dynamic football experience. Recruit, trade and battle with other players for coveted transfers and earn legendary players.

  • More than 2,000 authentic player, club and team images for stunning goals, completes and players
  • 8 Ultimate packs, which you can purchase in-app, to give you an advantage in FIFA Ultimate Team, plus new previewable cards for you to collect and earn
  • New FIFA UCL stadium cards and player cards to add to your collection; plus 32 Club Ultimate packs (available to purchase in-app)
  • Create or join 30 new football clubs in FIFA Ultimate Team: Choose your football team from England, Germany, Italy or Spain, or create your own from nearly 60 professional local clubs, across 20 different leagues – allowing you to play with and against teams from around the world
  • New face off animations, perform dribbling moves and use your full body while on the ball
  • New high-octane dribbling animations to make a game more intense and engaging
  • Venturous new Behaviour system – fine-tune every decision in your play with new skills –
  • Unlock collectibles and gear cards, including Player Academy Ultimate Leagues and all-new Player Icons, as rewards for participating in in-game matches and challenges


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FIFA brings to life the worlds of football through a truly immersive experience. With FIFA, gamers are the coach, in-game announcer, and defender. As you take control of your favorite pro team, the game’s unparalleled authenticity and game-changing gameplay give you the opportunity to live your dream of coaching a professional team. Manage your club Starting with a complete single player career mode, a new Club Experience from FIFA 20, and a new co-op mode, the game brings the excitement of the real world to FIFA. Set up shop at your stadium, build your club’s infrastructure, and even design your squad for everyday matches or the biggest tournaments of the season. Create your ideal game As you play and interact with your favorite players, your game will continue to adapt to your playstyle and team selections. New gameplay adjustments to create a more balanced experience in the shadow of the Video Assistant Referee. Enormous changes to shooting, ball control, and defensive tactics. Improvements to FIFA Ultimate Team, including four new cards, including Eriksen, Lukaku, and Modric. Real-world kits and a global vote to determine the real away kit for UEFA Champions League and UCL matches, as well as a brand new 360 camera angle for goal celebrations! New career and competition features New Career features give your club experience more depth and a new way to progress through it. Careers now include the ability to earn customization upgrades, call on other club and player items, and more. FIFA Ultimate Team has been rebuilt from the ground up, with a new AI system, a new interface, a new player card system, and more. New Ultimate Team cards include FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, and Jordan Lukaku. New and improved gameplay Team play has never been more rewarding than it is in FIFA. Take on your friends or other online opponents and pit your team against them in quick, one-minute matches that mirror FIFA Ultimate Team gameplay. Furthermore, improved ball physics allows for intelligent passing, lots of options in one-vs-one scenarios, and a variety of game types for contests of all shapes and sizes. New camera angle The introduction of the new Camera Mode for goalkeepers gives goalkeepers the option to play the game from a different perspective. The goalkeepers’ new ‘close up’ views lets players read the game from a perspective that’s much closer to their 684577f2b6


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The updated FIFA Ultimate Team makes things exciting and challenging once again. Create and manage your entire team, dominate the pitch, or destroy your opponents as you go head-to-head with other elite players in FIFA Ultimate Team. Build your ultimate team from a massive collection of real football stars, so you can play any way you want, be it win the league or dominate the world. Whether you play to win or play to have fun, FIFA 22 will keep the fun going as you carry your team to more trophies than ever. Download this EA SPORTS™ title from the PlayStation® Store or Xbox LIVE® Marketplace. The game will be available beginning March 9, 2012, for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC. 1 Players may play the Career mode on their console and transfer to the internet mode. 2. Soccer Stars, Community Beats, Quick Match. FIFA Soccer 20 will feature six new gameplay modes and an upgraded ultimate team mode that supports friends. – Soccer Stars: “Soccer Stars” is an all-new cross-play competitive football and social game mode where YOU and your friends can create and join organized soccer competitions on the new online community page, complete with customized player nameplates, logo replacements, and unique AI personalities. Whether it’s a friendly match for fun and competition with friends or professional competitions against the best from around the world, Soccer Stars invites you and your friends to explore and enjoy your favorite football moments on the new online community page! – Quick Match: Build your team from real football stars in FIFA 20’s revamped “Quick Match” mode and test your skills with an array of dynamic gameplay options, including: Arcade Mode, Training Mode, Training Tricks, and more! – Community Beats: “Community Beats” is a new fast-paced, soccer-inspired battle mode where you compete against other players in offline and online head-to-head matches with customizable rulesets to determine the winner. – League: FIFA 20’s “League” mode returns in a re-imagined and fully interactive form, and this year’s update features a new online league structure with plenty of new options, structures and gameplay dynamics. It also features the introduction of mode-specific, individual statistics that will ultimately make each mode unique. – Ultimate Team: Ultimate Team is back in FIFA 20 with brand-new features to customize


What’s new:

  • UEFA European qualification: New features mean that all 30 teams can now qualify for Europe. New features including: – Boosts that are specific to games against each UEFA CONMEBOL team (such as over-time tactics). – User cannot commit an offence after scoring a goal or the tenth minute of extra-time in FIFA Ultimate Team matches. – A variety of new Home Kit options available. – 4 new haircuts available for free. – New selection option choices: All teams except the recently formed team nations, English/Irish/Welsh international teams and State Association teams only. Football Manager 2020 Gameplay Build your dream team around the world’s best. Football Manager 2020 Coming to PC – Full details here. – Play as an Assistant Manager or take on the role of player management. – Interactive tutorials using an entertaining and educational storytelling style. – New promotions and a simple, intuitive UI. – All-new in-game community functionality. – [Developer] World of Manager is also a standalone game where you progress through a campaign with your football club and there are over 600 new achievements and online features. – Beautifully hand-painted graphics, more than 300 new players, new stadiums, more than 700 new player-made kits and a new user interface that makes your life easier.

    Preseason MatchDay 2017

    This year’s matchday tournament featured for first time the NBA’s professional, limited replace tournament or more popularly termed as “NBA 2K League or more popularly termed as “NBA 2K Ultimate Team TOURNAMENT.” The NBA 2K League, which will begin launching early next year. The Competition featured eight teams under three classification (Two-Stroke Division, One-Stroke Division, Shootout Division), the last of three division plus the main tournament began


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    It’s the world’s best-selling club football video game franchise, fueled by our community’s passion for the beautiful game. Powered by our world-class Football technology, FIFA delivers authentic-to-life club experiences and the most complete ecosystem of football on any platform. FIFA is currently the number one selling sports game for PC, the Xbox and the PlayStation, and the top sports franchise for the current generation. More than 23 million players around the world chose to create and save the perfect player in FIFA, an award-winning format that has been constantly enriched over the last twenty years, the format that today’s players are still creating for themselves today. FIFA is the game that has given players the opportunity to compete with and against opponents in leagues with real-world teams, all while sending a message to the world that FIFA is one of the best games on consoles and on PC. What is Football? Football is all about skill, speed and the ability to think on your feet. It’s about changing the course of the game with one pass. It’s about making your team work together to achieve a common goal. It’s about taking care of your body, mentally and physically, so that you can perform at your peak every week. At its best, the sport can inspire fans, is entertaining and gives people an escape from their daily lives. What’s not to love? PS4 Pro PS4 Pro is an enhanced version of the PS4 system, bringing with it a variety of exciting new features. It comes with a built-in second GPU, which offers better visuals, smoother game performance and improved power efficiency. During gameplay, the GPU has the burden of rendering characters and textures, while the CPU works to maintain the game state and run the gameplay. By integrating the two units, the GPU controls all the characters and geometry while the CPU focuses on maintaining the gameplay state. The PS4 Pro system also comes with a higher memory capacity of up to 2TB, eight times that of the PS4 system, which is great news for multiplayer and game saving. A selection of PS4 Pro games have been developed specifically to work in 4K and offer PS4 Pro owners higher quality graphics with a variety of gaming experiences. The PS4 Pro system is compatible with all PS4 games and accessories


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