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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.76 / 5 ( 4951 votes )
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Caution! More than 300 kinds of monsters with unique behaviors and special characters are waiting for you. With one tap, tap multiple times to defeat the enemy! Easily learn to fight but level up at a very fast pace! Players can enjoy playing simultaneously, there is no special requirements for syncing with others Become a legendary warrior and lead an army of strong warriors! The upcoming world with a variety of dungeons and a huge amount of loot! The new fantasy action RPG available for free.Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. “Today’s game title is not that well-known, but the RPG genre is alive, and we have rediscovered a good ‘one-hit KO’ title in the genre of old fantasy RPGs. In the game you can enjoy the beauty of the RPG genre with many stylish weapons and armor along with beauty. Tons of loot and a variety of dungeons await you to explore. And there are plenty of monsters in the game that you need to deal with by using your character’s extraordinary skills and the rarer equipment. While you play this game, feel the excitement of a new world and feel the presence of others through the online element as you move the characters across the world together. You should try it if you are a fan of classic titles such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.” – Contents from a press release on December 20, 2017 ■ * This game is the prologue for the RPG fantasy-themed action game “The Elden Ring.” It features new gameplay that redefines the RPG genre. * The present is a world that has been separated into four parts (provinces) and there are many small villages within each province. * By entering the right menu, you can set the difficulty and proceed with the game. * The beginner can enjoy the game by putting in the effort to properly equip your character, while the pro will be able to destroy all enemies by playing with tactics. * Among the skills you can learn include diverse magic, equipment, and battle skills. * You can learn the battle system and become stronger by leveling up through battles. * In addition, in the online mode you can coordinate with others and


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.76 / 5 ( 4951 votes )
Update (11 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast world.
  • A unique setting that faithfully represents the World Between.
  • Elden Ring is made possible by Axiom Verge Editor-in-Chief “Cortex”

    • In-depth Action RPG with Guns
    Formidable weapons and level-up items are useful not only for fighting monsters. With the help of powerful weapons, you can critically beat enemies and increase your attack power. And powerful items will also let you explore inaccessible parts of the maps and dungeon.
    • Powerful Unique Weapons
    In addition to the usual weapons, the game has many unique weapons. The rates of fire for your attacks will rise, your attacks will cover wider area, the spell effects won’t interrupt your attacks, and special bullets will constantly be fired.
    • Variety of Main Characters
    Chapters 1 to 15, including the story of the game “Axiom Verge”, will also be updated. The game features a total of 27 playable characters.
    • Three Tactics: Run’s, Shoot’s, and Jump’s
    Run’s and Shoot’s are classic tactics that will help you to approach your enemies. Jump’s will let you reach a new area on the map quicker.
    • Dynamic Skills which Change with the Situation
    NPCs have their own skills corresponding to their class, and the skill level and rate of firing will change dynamically according to the situation.
    • Powerful Equipment Which Increases Your Attack Power
    Equipment whose rate of fire becomes higher, weapons which can also directly affect the size of the area of effect for your spells, and weapons and armor with special effects.
    • Local Co-op Versus Mode
    You can enter a shared world with friends and fight together against hordes of monsters in a shared world.
    • Entering an Unparalleled World of Co-op
    Enter an unrivaled co-op battle with local players around the world, with the ability to enter the same world with friends, and the co-op shooting


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    Battle-tested, Tarnished Elf God Tarnished will meet many challenges in this battle-tested, online, fantasy RPG. Although multiplayer is supported in the game, the single player campaign is the place to be. Flat, generic graphics. The game looks like a blend of Diablo III and MapleStory. You will feel the visual improvement in the second half of the game, but will find the simplistic graphics to be a little too old-fashioned for a game released in 2015. The voices of the characters are not well-done and the characters are very annoying. The design is unique and the cast of characters is good, but even with all the good qualities of the game, the character voices can become a deal breaker. Combat. Your attacks have a cooldown that needs to be managed while attacking the enemies. The skills that can be learned for your main class can be customized into different skills, which grant more damage to your attacks, depending on how long the skills last. However, the skills are very repetitive, especially for the higher level classes, and you will find yourself wishing for more skills once you reach certain levels. There are four classes in the game: the Shadow class, the Light class, the Dark class and the Elite class. The Shadow class has a dash attack with a long cooldown, the Light class has strong 2x attack along with lightning, the Dark class has a technique that deals a lot of damage for a short time, and the Elite class has an insanely powerful skill that can be transformed multiple times. There is no dedicated healer in the game, so you have to find ways to heal your party. Reducing your maximum HP will break your play style, so you have to use your self-heal sparingly. The game doesn’t have an auto-heal option, but you can press the default keys to heal your party. The game has a real-time skill crafting mechanic, which you can combine with the crafting recipe that are stored in game storage to create unique weapon and armor sets. However, the skill crafting is too simplified and the recipes are very limited. You will find yourself wishing for more skill sets and better crafted items. The game provides an auto-lock for your equipped items, so you don’t have to worry about managing your equips. The way that the game is handled will not get old for you even after hundreds of hours of playing. You bff6bb2d33


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    • Build up your settlement In each period of three days, you can build up your settlement and perform quests. • Fight against monsters in a wide field In the wide open fields of Tarnished City, you can encounter a variety of dangerous monsters and fight against them. • Find hidden treasures By defeating monsters, you can discover hidden treasures, including new equipment and magic that can increase your strength. • Equipping and Customizing New equipment and weapons will appear. There are various types of weapons and magic. Equip yourself, and customize your battle equipment according to your style of play. • Explore, and fight against monsters You can explore the wide world, and can battle against monsters and find new items in each period of three days. • Local Multiplayer In each period of three days, your settlement can be built up. In addition to “online” multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, and in “local” multiplayer where you can fight against monsters in your settlement, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others. By battling against monsters, discovering items and equipment, and advancing your equipment, you can progress and increase your skills in order to gain an advantage over other players. After seeing how the heroes fight, you can join in and take on a challenge. There are many awesome heroes fighting bravely on the battlefield, which allows you to evolve and become stronger. By acquiring a “Pentagram” that increases your proficiency, you can further increase your strength and evolve your character. • Character Creation Create a character that reflects your style of play. – Choose from nine hero classes: Warrior, Magician, Dark Knight, Thief, Monk, Archer, Valkyrie, Scholar, and Knight. – A wide variety of weapons and equipment. You can change the appearance of your equipment by mixing and matching them. – Special skills are used to increase the effectiveness of equipment. – When you level up, skills can be learnt. Various skills can be learnt for each hero class. – Each hero class has separate unique skills. – You can freely mix and match weapon and armor, as well as learn different skills. – There are nine hero classes. You can choose one of them as your main hero class


    What’s new:

    Click here to learn more about the game’s special systems, and click here to learn more about the game’s epic story. We look forward to your support and hope you’ll experience a particularly special game in the Lands Between.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 has returned! A team of new characters will join the game on the August 15th patch. New characters will join the game via a server transfer experiment on the August 15th patch. Hajo’s character will be enhanced so that you can enjoy fast-paced battles as a tank role. Syeon will join the game as a new Slinglot Operator (slinger), along with an all-new move that will allow you to focus on your role and maintain your balance. We also added the Boost Trimotion, which can be obtained by using the left directional icon within the character creation menu to place emphasis on your available character. Her agile movements and high jump will allow you to deal damage and chase enemies. Hajo’s legendary weapon, the “Searing Glaive,” will likewise become available. We hope all of you will enjoy these updates. Play responsibly.

    From Habanero Games

    (Remember to delete your existing account prior to registering! The registration form will appear in GameBungie, and through this form you can delete your existing account by selecting from the dropdown menu. If it is not selected, it will be difficult to transfer the account after registration.) Fantasy Wars on Steam platform! Today, we are opening the Fantasy Wars Steam service in Japan! This is the first release in Japan in Steam Japan. From this release in Steam Japan, the vast world of Fantasy Wars will be infinitely expanded with new achievements and quests. When you register your Fantasy Wars account, you’ll notice that the level is automatically lowered by the number of characters that you own. A certain level is necessary to obtain some items. It is possible to obtain higher level levels as a reward for quest completion with certain characters. By leaving your items in the game and gathering a variety of unique items, it will be possible to increase the level. We expect many players will find the game even more exciting with the expansion of the Steam platform! I’ve raised some questions regarding the maintenance of Fantasy Wars using Steam… This is our answer: We heard many


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  • PC, macOS, Android, iOS (Samsung/iPhone version delayed until 26 Sep. 2013)
  • the game requires VRAM >2 GB
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