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Buy PS4 Game “DARK SOULS™ II” is an action RPG in a gothic mythological universe featuring console-quality graphics. You take control of Estinien, a newly-made vampire in an age of chaos and supernatural creatures known as Strigae. In order to survive in this world, you must search for your eternal family, the Grimoire bloodline. In order to achieve this, you must find the Lost Crowns and acquire their powers. Lost Crowns, 4 Legendary Weapons: The Lost Crowns are four legendary weapons of great power. Acquiring them will give you access to new skills and raise your character’s level to a new level. Strigi Estinien’s weapon of choice, the Strigi has enhanced offensive and defensive abilities. Spiri The Spiri is a talisman of the spirit. It grants a wide variety of buffs, some of them even being offensive. Antri The Antri can be used to increase the movement speed of all party members. It can also stop being a weapon after a short time. Arfaki The Arfaki is the weapon of the void itself. It attacks faster and to a greater degree than any other weapon and its attack’s range increases as the void descends. The Lost Crowns’ Powers: The Lost Crowns’ powers can be used to attack enemies and can then be used again to give them special effects. Each crown grants its own individual collection of powers. Ignis The Ignis can be used to create fire in its target area. Crux The Crux can be used to extinguish fire in its target area. Germinis The Germinis can be used to create smoke in its target area. Impi The Impi can be used to create rain in its target area. Pulveris The Pulveris can be used to create a strong air current in its target area. Cupris The Cupris can be used to create your own personal hurricane and can even spawn tornados. The Paratus: The Paratus is the ultimate weapon of the Strigae, the vampire’s equivalent to Excalibur, and the other Lost Crowns’ powers can be added to the Paratus’ inventory with the Cattura App. ___________________________________________________________________________ For our new community site, you can find daily postings of how-to videos, artwork and much more


Features Key:

  • DARK SOULS™ II – Season Pass contains everything from the GOTY Edition along with 5 DLC packs including the chapters “Be A Monster”, “A New Dawn”, “The Lost Valley”, “Marrow of the Earth” and “Awakening”.

    DARK SOULS™ II – Season Pass Contents:

    • “The Lost Valley” Chapter
    • “Be A Monster” Chapter
    • “Awakening” Chapter
    • DLC 4 on 4
    • Titan Essence Pack for download
  • We are cool with having two keys and only one key is needed to redeem the full season pass
  • DLC purchased via PlayStation®Network for the game will be added to the PlayStation®Network account as soon as they are released.


DARK SOULS™ II – Season Pass Crack + Download [Mac/Win] [Latest]

DARK SOULS™ II is a brutal action RPG offering a deep and compelling game experience from a unique point of view. Embark on a perilous journey from a first-person perspective and explore a vast open world and a dark fantasy realm of unparalleled scale. Combining gritty visual style with emotionally gripping storytelling, DARK SOULS™ II follows a young man, who awakens after a tragic death, in a dark world full of anguish and evil. The Dark Souls II trilogy features: – Three extensive DLC chapters with various new bosses, weapons, items and environments to explore. – New trophies and achievements. – New gameplay mechanics including “Dark Arisen”. – A deeper and more diverse online component. In the first chapter “Crown of the Sunken King” players take on the role of a young man who awakens to find himself bound in the murky waters of a sea of confusion and madness. Hop aboard your own ship, the Poseidon, and explore the mysterious oceanic landscapes to uncover the secrets of the Sunken Kingdom and its sages. The second chapter “Crown of the Old Iron King” continues the story of the young man and introduces players to a brand new world – the Ironlands, a wild and desolate land overrun by giant stone giants and inhabited by ancient beings. Discover the truth about the Iron King and his fearsome all-encompassing army. The third chapter “Crown of the Ivory King” focuses on the fate of the young man’s kind-hearted father. After the Deepgate War, King Artorias has disappeared, leaving the known world in chaos. The Ivory King is seeking the King Artorias, and only you can help the young man discover his mysterious fate. Note: For the PS4 platform a Digital PSN voucher is required. Content is subject to game update(s) and enhanced content. Key Features of The Lost Crowns Trilogy: Crown of the Sunken King – Take on the role of a young man who awakens in a dark world full of anguish and evil in one of the biggest RPGs ever made. Explore a vast open world and a dark fantasy realm of unprecedented scale. Crown of the Old Iron King – Seek the aid of new allies and turn to new and secret weapons as you fight your way through giant stone giants and an ancient army. Crown of the Ivory King – Follow the story of d41b202975


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What’s new:

    es Now on PSN DARK SOULS™ II Pre-Owners Update Today we are giving all those who pre-ordered their copy of DARK SOULS™ II: Version 1.03 on PlayStation®Network (PSN) the opportunity to receive their Season Pass now. We’ve taken the opportunity to make some improvements to our Season Pass offering as well, and we can’t wait for you to check them out. We will be providing more information on the Season Pass in a day or two. We have heard from many of you, and as a thank you to those of you that helped us reach this milestone, we are bringing a number of improvements to the Season Pass including an increase in available digital content. This has been designed as a step-by-step upgrade journey, and we are pleased to be able to give you more than before. Video Outfit additions for the DLC costume pack have been added to the Pre-Owners Update. This particular update has been made available to all players rather than to selected players because of the time required to make this change. Once you have updated to Version 1.03 and download the update, you will be able to select the “SKUL-DLQ3-UYMY6” costume pack from your PlayStation®Network Account and activate the pack. Once activated, you will receive an email from our office letting you know what characters you will be able to change into the 3 costumes in your pack. NOTE: This update is free, and you will only receive notification if you have previously purchased the Season Pass or have previously purchased the Season Pass digitally and used the associated voucher code. The Season Pass will upgrade to Version 1.03 for you automatically. It is important to note that you will continue to be able to purchase DLC solely from the PlayStation Store at all times, regardless of what your Season Pass status is. The Season Pass now includes a total of 50 DLC costumes, and this will be increased to 70 later on. This increase in DLC costumes will be reflected in the Season Pass price, which will increase to $39.99 USD. The pre-owned version of the Season Pass will also be updated to Version 1.03. DLC Costume Pack We have altered the progress bar in the DLC Costume Pack selection screen, so that it will show what characters are currently available to change into. This will be reflected when you receive an email notification


    Free Download DARK SOULS™ II – Season Pass [Win/Mac] (April-2022)


    How To Crack DARK SOULS™ II – Season Pass:

  • First you need to copy and paste the downloaded crack files below to the root of the installation folder, release/DarksoulsII/install
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  • DirectX plugin included In my case, it was here:  release/DarksoulsII/install/hd4600
  • You will then be able to install, play and enjoy DARK SOULS™ II – Season Pass game!
  • You can enjoy season 1 too!
  • Enjoy the videos below for complete instructions on installing the game, getting up the directX 10 and the Crack

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Dark Souls II—Weathering



System Requirements For DARK SOULS™ II – Season Pass:

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