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Cyder 3 Download For Windows.epub

Download Cyder 3 for Windows, Mac, Linux & Mobile. The role of the criminal justice system has changed.. or repository, play your requests to the magpies authority, in the magpies camp.. they talk like they have a problem with the law, they talk like they are “… .The present invention relates to a device for electrically connecting flat strip-shaped cable conductors to conductors of a second type having different electrical properties. The invention relates more particularly to a device for inserting a flat strip-shaped cable conductor into a thin flexible carrier made of conductive material. Each cable conductor has a series of connecting portions each having electrical contacts for connection to associated contacts of a connector. The conductors are mounted in rows in a longitudinal direction along the cable and hence in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the paper. As the connectors, used for electrical connection, are mounted on a carrier of insulating material, it is necessary to strip the conductors of their insulation layers and to separate their connecting portions from one another. In a standard connector of the type used in telecommunications, the ribbon-shaped carrier has rows of openings. Individual conductors, mounted in those openings, are mechanically gripped by a gripper carriage. With the gripper carriage moving, the conductors are advanced in the direction of the connector and successively captured within the connectors, and then the gripper carriage is returned for the next series of connection steps. It is generally necessary to guide and secure the ribbon-shaped cable conductors such as, e.g., flat strip conductors, in a manner which will avoid damage to the insulation layers covering the conductors, especially to their insulation covers. For this purpose, the conductors are stripped of their insulation layers, connected to the connector, and subsequently inserted into the connector. The overall operation for inserting the conductors is cumbersome and time-consuming, especially for the stripping and connecting of the conductors. In order to minimize the handling time required, it is known to connect a conductor to the connector first in one direction and then, for insertion into the connector, to translate the conductor along a slide mechanism along a second axis perpendicular to the first one. The second axis is preferably perpendicular to the long axis of the flat strip conductors and to the short axis of the connector openings in the carrier. Such an arrangement presents problems, particularly with respect to a simple insertion mechanism. The known connector comprises a row of cavities,

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