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Battle Royale mode,”BR”, is a mode where you compete against other kings in a one-on-one deathmatch to become the last one to survive. Auto Chess mode,”AC”, is a mode that lets you play against AI and try to play smart and earn various badges and achievements. Players can enjoy an entirely different gaming experience by unlocking and unlocking new items and fighting against other players with one-on-one gameplay in Battle Royale. In addition to the over 1,300 achievements, in Auto Chess mode, players can enjoy an enjoyable and dynamic game experience. Players will be able to unlock the new item and fight against other players in Battle Royale with the promise of a new game experience. Note: 1. If you are not logged in, the “Buy Banner” button may be disabled.2. Auto Chess mode only supports devices running Android4.0.3 or later. With over 1 million downloads in over 150 countries, it’s no surprise that the MOBA craze has spread to Android. That’s why we’re happy to bring you the MOBA called Clash Royale by Supercell. Build your way up to become the best player in the world using cards, spells, towers and plenty more… all in a real-time duel between you and other players around the world. Build Your Game Command amazing spells and units, use your intuition to outsmart your opponents, and destroy their towers with ease. With millions of Clash players around the world, we are looking forward to welcoming you into the community. From the Arena to the King’s Shop, you can do anything you can dream of. Worldwide Online Play Complete matches in real-time with any player in the world. Battle through real-life and online players in quick or long games and claim victory as the best! Competitive Quest Challenge yourself and other players around the world to become the best in Clash Royale. Complete the objectives that are set for you with your strategic play. If you are a dedicated Clash Royale player, then we are confident that you will enjoy this new kind of MOBA. Unlock new cards and weapons with in-app purchases. And earn rewards and be the best Check your Clash Royale stats Track your Clash scores – including win, loss, tournament standings, rare/collectible card count, live leaderboards, and more. Join a clan and interact with fellow players


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    Mirror Land is an original game that focuses on optical illusion puzzles. It is inspired by some Magic Mirror Concepts such as FengYueBaoJian in Dream of the Red Chamber and The Mirror of Erised in Harry Potter. The game uses MAGIC MIRROR to grab and release characters and cooperate with moving the MAGIC MIRROR to complete incredible space puzzles. Now is the FURNACES, two moons’ day, the capital city is shrouded in darkness. As the king’s subjects, your every move, every action, has to leave a trace. The MIRROR is the best record for eyes to witness the history of the kingdom. Everyone can see the MIRROR’s history. The MIRROR PLAIN is positioned strategically in the capital to record all the wise kings. Its stones are densely scattered. Even the frequent smugglers can’t hide in it. The stones are always watched by a few guards who have been sent to keep an eye on the MIRROR’s stones. A wise person said, “All the clever guys have been changed into INKMEN by their ancestors’ need to survive. The fortune they get from this has given them power to be a bigger enemy. They don’t recognize what they are doing.” And the ruler said, “Let’s announce a bounty to the MIRROR.” Someone is inevitably caught. Each of them is locked in one of the six furnaces. In the furnaces, they can only get out when their hands get burned. The guards search them all, but no trace of the INKMEN can be found. “What the hell. We found ten INKMEN in one day. Where should I lock them in?” The ruler made the wrong decision. “Why all the clever guys are INKMEN? It’s because they are at the mercy of the old generation. Is the old generation more powerful than the one in the capital?” “Quit Locking someone IN.” The burning hands in the furnaces say, “XIU. XIU’s ancestors are INKMEN,XIU is a INKMAN. INKMEN is one of the results of human genetic modification. After humans learned to make MAGIC MIRRORS, kingdoms have formed, some kingdoms are stronger than others, while less populated kingdoms are weaker. Not far from the west of the LUM c9d1549cdd


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