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So, casual sex. Sometimes it just goes so well. Other times it goes horribly wrong. But the truth is, casual sex isn’t always bad for you. And neither is monogamy, or dating your best friend, or not. In a world in which we have to choose between “love” and “having sex”, here are the four problems that the casual sex lobby doesn’t tell you about (or conveniently gloss over). Casual Sex Becomes a One-Way Circle The first problem that you won’t hear about from the casual sex lobby is that casual sex can become a one-way affair, meaning that sex is only ever going to one of the two people. Once you start, it is impossible to back down. A person can very easily fall into thinking they are the only person that has a good time, when in fact, they may be the only person having sex. And even if they are telling the truth and they are not the only person having sex, they may still be unhappy. Whether you are having sex with one person or five, this information will help. Having Casual Sex means Other People Will Notice You’re With Someone Else The second important point that is missing from the casual sex lobby is that you are not having casual sex alone. Having casual sex means that other people see you have sex with someone else. And by “other people”, we really mean your friends, family, and even your significant other. And if you can’t find the strength to have sex with someone else, you may be skipping a very important step in your own relationship. How does the introduction to the world of sexual exploration with a new person help you move on from a lost romantic relationship? Casual Sex Paves the Way to Familial Disease What do you get when you take five or six people and let them all have sex with one another? You get sexual disease. You may think you are safe having casual sex with people you only know online, or perhaps some non-sexual fling, but the facts are that sexually transmitted infections are common in casual sex. Who hasn’t heard the horror stories about 30-day bad sex? And why does casual sex often happen in settings where you have to go in on your own without an enforcer to protect you? The reality is that more than half of all the sexually transmitted infections are in women. Of these, the most common are gonorrhea, ch

The culture of hooking up can be damaging for a variety of reasons, and this sometimes means stepping outside of the norm and having sex with people you don’t know well. Read on to find out what these reasons are and whether casual sex is really what you want. 0.5 “Most people,” Ema says, “don’t want to spend their precious time with a sex partner. They want someone who is both fun to hang out with and sexually attractive to them. If you are in a rut and have a partner who is neither, why would you keep doing it? You may think that you are getting pleasure out of a relationship — but you are not.” Having casual sex and then using a hookup app to find sex is like entering into a relationship with money as the sole purpose for being there. There is an expectation of a payout, and there is no room for real communication or deepening the experience. There is no space for the unexpected and the excitement you both should be experiencing. “If the purpose of the relationship is to just have a good time with no strings attached, then dating and sex is where you should be,” she adds. “But don’t put this on your terms, you may end up compromising your health and self esteem.” Casual sex also can be considered unhealthy if the rush you get out of being with someone “too quickly” leads to you jumping into sex sooner, or you feel pressured into having sex when you’re not ready. Legal issues And let’s not forget, casual sex can be legally tricky. “(It’s) not a smart idea to commit a crime,” former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (not kidding) tweeted in 2013. “If someone is underage and not willing to abstain, it’s statutory rape.” According to the National Council on Sexuality, Health, and Identity, while the majority of states do criminalize underage sex, only 11 states deem it rape, and many people’s definitions of rape are limited to acts with real penetration. If you’re underage, have consent issues, are addicted to pornography, are constantly sexually aroused, are dealing with a trauma or other past behavior that affects your sexuality, or you’re thinking of being with someone who is underage, find a sex therapist who specializes in post-traumatic stress disorder. Keep some boundaries It should be clear by now that meeting people with whom you have no intention of having more than a one-time thing is just as dangerous as finding somebody who you actually want to be with as a long

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