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In January 2015, the world’s largest software company, Microsoft, acquired a 50.1% share of Autodesk for $2.8 billion, which increased its stake to 73.5% in April 2017. The acquisition was completed on March 26, 2016. Over the years, AutoCAD has become a de facto standard in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries, and is used for everything from designing the world’s tallest building to mapping your city’s sewer system. Its data file format (DWG) is also widely used for storing structural design files. Functionality Features common to all AutoCAD versions include: • Multiple windows that can be arranged in any order • Undo/Redo commands that can revert to any previous state • Features such as rulers, scales, and layers • Hints and tips • Object and tag editing, including text formatting and image editing • Draw basic geometric shapes, such as lines, circles, arcs, splines, and text • Dynamic input in which objects can be positioned, modified, rotated, and scaled • Dynamic input (DWG) which allows you to edit and modify data files with a graphical user interface • Live links which enable you to link data to drawings with objects or drawings • Editing of drawings using transparent layers that can be switched on or off • Extrusion and spot-shading • Shading and colors with gradient fills • Drag-and-drop operations for copying, moving, and deleting objects • Functions such as dimensioning and annotation • Auto-fitting and Snap tools that can be used to automatically position objects • A three-dimensional (3D) modeling feature that can be used to create complex models, such as shells • Automatic vectorization of objects • Translation, rotation, and scaling of objects • Object snap which can be used to move objects to exact locations • The command “Clear” that clears a drawing by deleting all objects from memory Essential elements of AutoCAD are the tools or “editors” that edit the drawing. Toolbars The AutoCAD toolbar features commands for creating, editing, and manipulating objects, as shown in the figure to the right. In order to access the toolbar, select Edit from the

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Design Managers The design manager is a software application that is used to prepare drawing, review and review drawings. See also List of file formats of architectural plan documents References External links Category:CAD file formatsTrending News London, Oct 25 (IANS) British nature photographer Julian Ellis has captured the dramatic moment a newborn porcupine is dropped into a nest of quills for protection and warmth in Russia’s Far East. In the video shared with IANS, a baby porcupine emerges from its mother’s birth canal on the eastern Siberian island of Magadan, sitting alone in a nest made of solid quills. As the porcupine waits to be discovered, it looks for the right spot to crawl to and rolls over as if it can’t decide whether to sit or lie down. But a moment later, its mother returns and covers it up, allowing it to enjoy a peaceful, protected sleep for the first time. The baby porcupine grows in the perfect place, protected from the elements and hidden from predators. An adult porcupine can live up to 20 years. Due to poaching, the number of porcupines in the wild has dwindled to a mere 5,000, down from about 80,000 before hunting and poaching began in the early 1900s.Puzzle dungeons are already pretty much a well-established phenomenon. Not only does the genre attract a wide range of players, but the genre also has a reputation for being fun and social. This reputation is due in part to the fact that players are often encouraged to engage in play with their friends or with others at their table. We’ve seen plenty of attempts at bringing a social aspect to puzzle dungeons, such as the Puzzle Dungeon Connections social media system, but it’s a very basic concept that has proven to not be enough to really bring groups together. Puzzle dungeons are a way to appeal to the broader MMO audience. At its core, games like Puzzle Dungeons are an adaptation of the classic RPG dungeon crawler, with many of the elements we see in those games also being present in puzzle dungeons. However, rather than players solving puzzles or hunting for items, players are mostly engaged in combats and social interactions, which are at least on the surface what puzzle dungeons are. This is where social battle platform puzzlers like the upcoming Catch Up! come in. af5dca3d97

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Click on ‘Welcome’ from the main menu. Enter the license key in the available field. Use the menu options to launch the program. If you have any problems use the contact Autodesk support or activate Autocad through your account. Q: How can I prevent a user from getting the ‘View Source’ option in Chrome/Safari? I’m looking for a browser extension or an easy to implement solution that will prevent a user from seeing the ‘View Source’ option in Safari/Chrome/etc. When this option is available, it is generally a sign that a site has been generated by a CMS, e.g. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress. Users are generally unable to edit/view the source code of the content they’re seeing, unless they can identify a source code editor they use or copy/paste the code. This is a big problem for users in my industry because the CMS is the central control system for a huge amount of content. Some possible solutions that have come to mind are: Ask the user to sign in, or Tie the ‘View Source’ option to the user’s identity A: You can check for the presence of a ‘user agent’ string, the ones in your list that are most likely to be associated with a content management system, e.g. WordPress: ‘Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Google; +’ Drupal: ‘Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +’ However, many sites don’t supply a user agent. It’s not very clever as a detection mechanism, and if the site is actually using a content management system, it may also be easy for a user to work around it, but I wouldn’t recommend using any detection mechanism that makes assumptions about the user agent. Exploring strategies for leadership From the times of ancient Greece to the modern day, to the USA and throughout history, there has been an interesting evolution in leadership styles. Yes, there are some similarities, like the three power-generating styles of: fear, authority and inspiration, but there are still many ways in which we lead today. The three power-generating styles have an interesting history that goes back over 2

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Work directly within existing drawings and plots. Publish points or lines that are not imported. Connect points to lines, text, or other objects. Markup Assist makes it easier to spot and correct mistakes. More intuitive marker styles, including creating new styles with the new Markup Style Manager. Create and save custom layouts for different tasks and line types. Subdynamics: Dynamically create and interact with complex surfaces such as fluid-like surfaces and cones. (video: 1:07 min.) Simulate the appearance of subsurface features with the new Bevel and Emboss effect. (video: 1:23 min.) Add a Spiro Parametric subdynamics to automatically project lines that follow the contour of an underlying surface. (video: 1:16 min.) Line tools: Seam and join lines. The new Seam command smooths the edges of overlapping lines. Smooth and delete overlapping lines with the new Combine command. Quickly transfer line properties to multiple lines with the new Duplicate command. Complete the flow of your line or arc. The new Extend command extends a line or arc to connect any existing endpoint to any other endpoint. New width editing commands. Easily edit line width using the new Increment and Decrement commands. New stroke editing commands. Edit your line width by simply dragging or by using a numeric field. New arc angle editing commands. Easily edit the shape of your arc using the new Increment and Decrement commands. New control point editing commands. Choose any point on your line or arc and adjust its location by entering a value. New label insertion options. Easily use alternative label options such as text, scale, linetype, and rotation. New edit path options. Easily move and resize objects using edit paths. New shape editing commands. Easily edit line and arc properties by double-clicking with the tool. New custom shape properties. Easily edit line properties without first having to convert them to an edit path. Easy-to-use VSP for more accurate line work. Easily insert a custom control point or offset along a line using existing methods (snap to control points or intersections, for example). New extrude

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 64bit Windows 7 64bit Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650 or AMD equivalent NVIDIA GTX 650 or AMD equivalent Storage: 2 GB available space 2 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card (see System Requirements for more information) DX9.0c compatible sound card (see System Requirements for more information) Ports: Keyboard, mouse, video out,

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