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See also: Windows for Dummies Steps Step 1 Install Photoshop CS5 on your computer using the Adobe Creative Suite CD. As with other Creative Suite products, Photoshop comes as a “set of discs” that include Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite Classic, Adobe Digital Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, and Adobe Acrobat. Tip: The program that comes with Photoshop CS5 is Photoshop CS5, and it is referred to as Photoshop CS5 throughout this book. Step 2 Read the introduction and Using Photoshop CS5 tutorial. Step 3 Look at some of the features. Key Features Importing photos Find and select photos in your computer or device. Open or drag and drop a photo. Importing Web images Use a website’s photo-sharing application to find the images you want to import. Open the image online or use a drag-and-drop action. Creating layers In the Layers dialog box, you can define and reshape individual layers for editing. Add, duplicate, and delete layers. Merge them for a single, flattened layer. Drawing In the Layers dialog box, you can draw lines, circles, and paths to define shapes. Click the Background layer to create a new fill or adjust its color and transparency. Adjusting colors Adjust color values such as hue, saturation, and brightness. Saving and opening projects Save Photoshop projects as JPEG files. You can create templates for the.PSD file format used by Photoshop. Removing objects If you want to remove a background or replace a layer of a file, you can do so with the Erase tool. Type in the Edit menu (Windows) or Photoshop menu (Mac), and then choose Erase. Starting layers You can add multiple layers to a document. Make new layers. Link them to previous layers. You can then merge layers to create a flattened image. Working with layers A layer is the topmost portion of an image. You can work on layers independently and combine them as you wish. You can add new layers with the Layer menu. Using the blending mode or Layer menu, you can change the way that objects are combined. Creating a new layer You can create a new layer by clicking the New Layer

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The latest version is currently 18.1 and can be purchased from the Adobe website for $64.00, without sales tax, or $79.99 in the United States. In Canada, the same software costs $95.00. To learn how to use Photoshop Elements, I’m going to highlight the basic features of Elements in this post. If you’d rather use the free version of Photoshop Elements, you can still follow along and learn how to use the software with the methods you’ve already learned. To learn how to use Photoshop Elements with the free version, follow my post on how to use Photoshop Elements. The post will include links to other Photoshop features we haven’t discussed, as well as links to how to use different actions, brushes, and filters. How to edit a photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements This will include instructions on changing the exposure, coloring the image, and removing elements from the image. You will learn how to crop an image and how to change the size of an image. How to use Actions in Photoshop Elements The steps are simple and cover how to use actions, retouch an image, and how to extract a person from an image. How to add filters to an image in Photoshop Elements These simple steps give you a basic understanding of how to apply filters to an image. You will learn how to apply a gradient filter, a blur filter, and how to use a texture overlay filter. How to add a Brush to an image in Photoshop Elements This tutorial is a brief review of how to use brushes and how to create a new brush. I hope you enjoy this post. How to change the Exposure of an Image in Photoshop Elements A detailed tutorial on how to change the Exposure of an image in Photoshop Elements. This is a great way to teach a child how to create quality images. How to Change the Color of an Image in Photoshop Elements You will learn a simple technique to change the color of an image in Photoshop Elements. You will also learn a technique for adding a small amount of color to an image. How to Convert an image to Grayscale in Photoshop Elements This tutorial will teach you how to convert an image to grayscale. I use it to convert images of people so that they can be saved as low resolution files for Facebook. How to Change the Dimensions of an Image in Photoshop 05a79cecff

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