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A quick note about the “Pixar” in Photoshop, “Photoshop” is the acronym. Pixar was the company which created the tools that are now called Photoshop. Photoshop CS6 The latest and most advanced version of Photoshop is version CS6, which was released in 2013. It will run on Windows and OS X computers with a 64-bit Intel Mac processor. New features of the newest version include: • The Paintbrush (B) tool. The Paintbrush tool has been completely replaced by the Brush tool, which means you can now use the Paintbrush tool’s ease of access and settings (such as brush size, style, and hardness) to make edits on an image. The Brush tool also has the ability to create special brush and selection tools. • The new 3D Camera utility, which you can find in the top right corner of the image window, which can be accessed by the 3D button. This feature helps you create and adjust 3D models, as well as camera enhancements. • Creative Cloud Libraries provide a data-storage system for connecting to your online services via a library and your account. It does this automatically for you. • Photoshop has become integrated with online and mobile apps created by Adobe. This allows you to easily access your files with the app and share them with others. You can also have Adobe products such as Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC create layers on your desktop so that you can open them in Photoshop. Photoshop CC (2015) As of 2014, Adobe included Photoshop CC with its subscription based Creative Cloud service. This service offers subscription members a free trial to Photoshop and other Adobe products. This is in contrast to the $699.00 per year license fee that the traditional Photoshop (non-CC) license costs. Photoshop CC users can have access to all the current and future versions of the software as well as the Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps. Photoshop is used for so many different types of image creation and editing needs that the specifics of the software will vary by job. However, the following information should provide an overview of the functionality and use of Photoshop to its most common users: • Basic photo editing • Special effects and creative effects • Photo retouching • Making prints Basic Photo Editing Photoshop’s primary use is for photo editing. There are several reasons for this. 1. Photoshop’s interface (while more complicated

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Learn Photoshop in 5 steps 1. Open a New Image – Go to File > Open. 2. Browse to and Open the File – Next, navigate to the file using the Open File dialog box. 3. Select the Area of the Image You Want – Select the area you want to work with, whether that’s a section of an image, or a selection of one object in an image. 4. Rename the Image – Some images will already be named with the date in the filename, which is useful when you want to save images for a specific project. Other images will have the new name inserted into the filename automatically. You don’t need to rename images yourself unless you want them to be named something else. Just change the filename if you want. 5. Save the Image – If you have access to any project folders, then you can save the image in the folder where the image is. But if you want it to be saved in a different folder, click the Save button and select the folder where you want the image to be saved. Create images using the Filter Gallery The Filter Gallery allows you to make specific changes to an image using different filter effects. There are different filter effects, each featuring a different set of features. You can make things like vibrance, color, contrast, edge, blur, brightness, and other changes to the image. You can play around with the options to find the effects you want and try different filter effects out. There are over 100 effects available, and it’s easy to use. Just open the Filter Gallery and find the effect you want. Then, using one of the sliders, you can adjust how the filter effect will be applied to the image. You can drag the blue circle in the top-right corner to see all the different effects, or use the tab navigation to find the specific effect you want. Accessing the Filter Gallery To access the Filter Gallery, you can use one of the following methods: Filter Gallery The Filter Gallery is located on the main menu bar. Here you can find the different filter effects that are available. You can preview them and learn about the different tools and features that they offer. To use the Filter Gallery, press and hold the Shift key and click the filters menu. Then open the Filter Gallery. Filter Gallery by Keyboard The Filter Gallery is in the bottom 388ed7b0c7

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Elements: The Levels tool is great for quickly adjusting the contrast of a photo. The Curves tool is useful for correcting non-linear lighting and shadows in images. The Shadows tool allows you to create a black and white negative effect on an image. The Vibrance tool is great for increasing the saturation of an image. The Color Balance tool is useful for adjusting the color and white balance of an image. The Hue/Saturation tool allows you to perform these functions simultaneously. The Soften tool is useful for bringing out the clarity of a photo. The Tint tool is useful for creating a color cast in an image. The Muzzy tool is useful for removing unwanted skin blemishes and other defects. The Gradient tool is great for adding special effects to a photo. The Colorise tool is great for fixing colorization errors. The Swatches palette is the most commonly used tool for creating new styles and palettes. The Gradient tool is a straight-forward way of adding gradient effects to images. The Panorama tool is great for taking panoramic photos. The Bézier Pen tool is useful for adding vector-like strokes to an image. The Pen tool is great for adding the same basic drawing strokes to an image. The Pen tool can be used for drawing lines, rectangles, circles, and curves. The Freehand tool is great for adding freeform strokes to an image. The Gradient tool can be used for adding a color gradient to an image. The Lasso tool is great for selecting individual areas for editing. The Magic Wand tool is useful for automatically selecting features in an image. The Polygonal Lasso tool is great for selecting multiple areas for editing. The Blob Brush tool is useful for easily drawing fill or stroke objects. The Eraser tool is great for erasing unwanted parts of an image. The Type tool is useful for adding text to an image. The Custom Shape tool is great for adding custom shapes to an image. The Text tool is great for adding text to an image. The Smart Blur tool is useful for creating a simple blur effect. The Smudge tool is useful for creating a smudgy or blurry effect on an image. The Dodge tool is useful for repairing a photo. The Dodge tool can be used for selectively lightening and darkening parts of an image. The Burn tool is useful for selectively darkening parts of an image. The Paintbrush tool is great for applying or manipulating color. The Paint Bucket tool is useful

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Minimum: OS: Microsoft Windows® 7 or higher Processor: 1.6 GHz, 2.0 GHz, or faster Memory: 1 GB RAM Storage: 150 MB available space Graphics: 800 x 600 display, 32 MB DirectX 9.0 graphics card DirectX: Version 9.0 Network: Broadband Internet connection Additional Notes: Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. DirectX is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Published and distributed by 1C Company AB. This game is

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